Thanksgiving Isn’t Just in November…

I have been fortunate enough this week to have some good news come on several different fronts.  These were all things that I prayed for for days before the news came. Oh, I always remembered in my prayers during those days to say, “God it is your will and good things will come from it whatever the outcome.”  However, I also added things like. “But Lord, in my humanness this is what I want to happen.”  This time around I was pleased to get exactly what I wanted.  Yet we all know that this is not always what happens.  Sometimes things happen how we want.  Sometimes they don’t.  Quite often God has a bigger and better plan for us – a plan that we don’t always want and can’t always see.  No matter what, though, God’s plan is always good, even when we are temporarily disappointed.

That’s where my reminder came this week.  No, not in disappointment.  The reminder came in thanksgiving.  Thanksgiving – a time of giving thanks.  So many times I receive an answer to my prayers and just go on about my business.  This time I took the time to sit for a few moments in prayer.  I didn’t ask God for anything.  I didn’t pray the names of people who were sick or hurting or facing death.  I didn’t pray over the state of the country or for our government leaders.  I just sat and told God how thankful I was.  I gave thanks for God’s answers that met my desires.  I also gave thanks to God for life, for being my first love, for loving me even when I don’t feel so lovable, and most of all for having my best life in God’s hands.  How sweet those few minutes were.  How incredible and powerful that reminder was and continues to be.

Thanksgiving isn’t just in November.  It isn’t just a day for turkey, too much food, family (and sometimes too much of them too), and football.  Thanksgiving should be every day, because even on our crappiest days God is with us.  God has our best life in God’s hands.  And our best life in God’s hands is pretty amazing!!!  So take a few minutes right now – whether you are sitting at your desk, or relaxing at home, or getting your exercise on – wherever you are to sit with God and offer a thanksgiving prayer.  I am pretty sure you will find the sweetness of God’s love and realize how blessed we all are.