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This page was set up by a previous pastor, who did a MUCH better job with organizing her thoughts than I could ever hope to. With that being said, I intend to keep this page up and running for those moments when the Spirit moves me to put pen to paper. Check back periodically for new content. It is my prayer that God will use this blog to move mountains in your life. Blessings!


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10/23/2022 Worship

When Paul described a well-functioning church to Timothy, he described a church that was all about relationships. The relationship between members and the Holy Spirit was significant. But for Paul, the well-functioning church was built on strong inter-personal relationships. Caring for widows, for the elderly, the brothers and sisters in the faith, and the people who gave themselves in ministry to the congregation was – and continues to be – the hallmark of a well-functioning congregation.

10/16/2022 Worship

In 1 Timothy 4, Paul makes reference to some false teachings that had arisen in the early church that were leading believers to abandon their faith. In his instructions to Timothy, he holds these false teachings up against the truth of God’s word. And in the process, he encourages Timothy to be diligent in teaching the truth of the gospel.

10/9/2022 Worship

Paul provides Timothy with some qualifications for church leaders that all hinge on his belief that the church should be the pillars of truth in the world.