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This Pastor Has Nothing to Say…

Welcome to my blog page.  I am not sure I have anything worth saying, but I am saying it anyway.  Check out the posts below.

Always know that you are loved and blessed by God – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  And remember I love you too!


Latest Blog Post

Is Worship for Me or for God?

It's been a long time since I was here, because life happens.  We have been dealing with medical issues at my house since last spring.  We finally seem to be on the downhill side of that.  Thank you, Jesus!  So now it is time to start working on all of those extra...

Spinning Plates

You know that feeling where you are the plate spinner at the circus and all your plates are wobbling and about ready to fall? Only this is real life and if one plate drops it means something important comes crashing down?  Yeah, that feeling.  That is where I have...

Christianity is not Remiss

Remiss:  lacking care or attention to duty; negligent.  That is the definition that Google gave me.  It is fitting.  I have been remiss in tending to my blog lately.  It is partly because I haven't really had much to blog about, but it is mostly because my schedule...


News & Stories

05/22/2022 Worship

The fourteenth installment in the Sunday School Stories sermon series. A lesson from Mary, Martha, and Luke 10:38-42.

05/15/2022 Worship

Teh thirteenth sermon in the Sunday School Stories series. A lesso from Zacchaeus and Luke 19:1-10

05/08/2022 Worship

The twelfth sermon in the Sunday School Stories series. A lesson from Mary, Joseph, and Luke 2:41-52